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Book Cab for Mumbai to Pune, now Get 50% OFF on your 1st...

Mumbai - the city that never sleeps. But even a Mumbaikar needs a break every so often.And what better place for a road trip than Pune. If you are looking for a short yet memorable road trip, and look to go outstation-book a cabfrom Mumbai to Pune, and have an adorable adventure. In fact, if it's your 1st ride with MeruCabs, we'll give you 50% off on your first ride, because we know that you deserve...

Why Meru for outstation

Why choose Meru when you want to hire an outstation taxi? So it finally happened. You were able to convince all yourfriends and family to take an outstation trip. You've packedyour bags, made your itinerary and booked your hotel. Now all you have to do is reach there. They say it's not aboutthe destination, but the journey; for a destination to beenjoyed, the journey needs to be enjoyable. And to...


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