Why Meru for ‘ outstation’

Why choose Meru when you want to hire an outstation taxi?

Why Meru for outstation

Why choose Meru when you want to hire an outstation taxi?

So it finally happened. You were able to convince all your
friends and family to take an outstation trip. You've packed
your bags, made your itinerary and booked your hotel.

Now all you have to do is reach there. They say it's not about
the destination, but the journey; for a destination to be
enjoyed, the journey needs to be enjoyable.

And to do that, we suggest you book a Meru Cab for all your
outstation taxi needs.

Be it Mumbai- Pune or Dehradun-Delhi, let us tell you why
Meru is the best choice for your outstation cab needs.

1. Groups of all sizes are catered to

Road trips need to be comfortable to have fun. This means
choosing the right car, not too big or too small. Those with a
good amount of luggage would want to avoid hatchbacks and
go for bigger cars. At Meru, we don't just offer these options,
we suggest what the best choice may be, so you can make
the most of your journey.

2. Premium services at a fair price

One of the hallmarks of a good trip is an enjoyable experience
at a fair price. Now if you're booking a Chennai-Coimbatore
cab, you won't be looking at just comfort but cost as well. At
Meru, we pride ourselves on providing fair prices for however
far you may want to go.

3. A simple choice for a simpler life

Our taxi service doesn't just provide a premium service, but a
simpler one. Be it online cab booking or via a phone call, rest
assured our drivers are timely, hygiene oriented and well
aware of intercity travel routes. So all you have to do is book a
cab, lay back and relax.

4. Airport pick-ups

Not every trip is a road trip. Often, we end up wasting time in
a new destination by driving from the airport to the centre of
the city and then we hire a taxi to go to another city. It is thus,
much more convenient to book a taxi that picks you up from
the airport itself. This way, you save on time and don’t have to
pay an exorbitant amount for airport transfers to the city. So
book the right car rental service!

5. Exemplary customer service

Nothing is worse than someone not picking up your call,
especially if you're in a new city trying to relax. If you face any
issue, the need of the hour is to be able to speak to someone
who can help you out. Hence, it is of absolute importance

that you hire a taxi from a company that provides
round-the-clock assistance for all your queries, like Meru.

And now that you know how to plan the perfect journey, all
you need to do is pick the destination and call Meru Cabs.