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Chandigarh To Manali Taxi

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Chandigarh To Manali Taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Chandigarh to Manali?

When you book a chandigarh cab to Manali, you need to check with the driver which route he will be taking. The best route to take would be via National Highway 3. This route does not have too many turns and detours and you will reach Manali in about nine hours. First you need to take the Kurali Chandigarh road and Udyog Path that will lead you to National Highway 205 that is located in Ward No. 6 in Kurali. From there you will need to move to National Highway 105, then back to National Highway 205 and National Highway 154 and finally National Highway 3 in Manali. This may be a very long route but it is the best route that you can take to reach Manali.

What is the best time to visit?

While most of India doesn't get a chance to witness snowfall, Manali is one of the few places that does. If you want to check out snowfall then visiting Manali during winter is a smart idea. Winters here last from October to February; however, the chances of snowfall during October to December are not as high as January so if you want to see snow, come here in January. The temperatures here drop to below zero during these months so you have to carry a lot of warm clothes and gloves to protect you. Manali has pleasant temperatures even in summer, so if you don't want to check out the snow then you can come here during the summer too.

Alternate routes to Manali from Chandigarh

While the route via National Highway 3 is the fastest route, there is an alternate route that is via the Bela Behrampur road and the National Highway 3. This route will take you 11 hours to reach Manali.

What is the road condition like between Chandigarh to Manali?

The journey from Chandigarh is an 8 and half hour journey, but the roads are well maintained and it is a comfortable ride. Since traveling in Manali is not easy because of the high altitude, it’s best to rent a cab. Book a cab for one way trip, round trip, and multicity taxi. Our Chandigarh cab service is always on time with no hidden charges in taxi fare. Our taxi service in Chandigarh to Manali is always on time with no hidden charges in taxi fare.