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Chandigarh To Shimla taxi

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Chandigarh To Shimla taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Chandigarh to Shimla?

There are a number of things about a road trip that you will always find memorable but when you are out on a vacation with your family, this is one of the best things that you will remember mainly because there is so much to do that excites you. In order to get to Shimla from Chandigarh the fastest way to do that is to take the Udyog Park from Madhya Marg in Chandigarh that will lead you to the National Highway 5 in Chandni Mandir Cantonment. You can ask your one way cab to continue following this route till you take the left on the National Highway 5 which is the toll road. You will pass the petrol pump station which is around 51 kilometres on the right. In case you need to fill up on fuel this would be a good time to do so. You can then continue the straight path and you can also choose to stop near DS sweets for a quick bite. You can continue the drive and follow the Cart Road getting into the Gunj Road at the lower Bazar. At the end of this journey you should reach Shimla.

What is the best time to visit?

Shimla is a cold city and if you love winters and you're looking forward to extremely cold weather then you may want to plan a trip your during the winter. If you have never seen snow then coming to Shimla between the month of October to February would be perfect because you can witness snow and you can also participate in some amazing snow activities such as ice skating. If you plan a trip during winters then make sure to carry a lot of warm clothes because the temperatures can drop to -2 celsius. If you are not a fan of the cold then you may want to come here between the month of March to June when climate conditions are warm and pleasant but not too hot to make it uncomfortable.

Alternate routes to Manali from Chandigarh

The fastest route to Shimla is via National Highway 5. However, if you have a little time in hand, you can also get to Shimla via State Highway 16. This route will take you a little over four hours to complete.

What is the road condition like between Chandigarh to Shimla?

The road condition between Chandigarh to Shimla is well maintained and there are a number of eateries and petrol pumps that you can benefit from while travelling by road. There are also some breathtaking spots that are worth visiting which is why taking a cab between Chandigarh to Shimla makes a lot of sense.