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Delhi To Agra Taxi


How the roadmap would look like between Delhi To Agra by taxi?

The route from Delhi to Agra is amazing. To get to Agra, you need to take the National Highway 9 and then move to National Highway 44 after taking the Outer Ring road. Once you reach the Pushpa road, you will then exit on to the Noida Link road. Then you will need to take the Taj Express Highway and reach National Highway 509. Once you exit the Taj Express Highway, you will reach the Noida - Greater Noida Expressway. After the Expressway merges with National Highway 509, you will then need to move to National Highway 19. After that you can tell the car rental Delhi service to move towards Mahatma Gandhi road and you will enter Agra.

What is the best time to visit?

Agra is a beautiful city to visit, but like Delhi summers can be excruciatingly hot which is why it’s best to avoid coming here during summer. The best time to visit Agra would be between October to March when the harsh summers have cooled down and it’s stopped raining. While Agra is beautiful during the monsoons as well, travelling could get tough. If you’re hiring a one way cab then getting back to Delhi or any other city could get tough. Also, when it rains in Agra it gets a little difficult to find alternate modes of transportation. However, if you plan on visiting Agra post November; make sure you carry enough warm clothes since the temperatures can drop quite a bit.

Alternate routes to Agra from Delhi

If you are coming via outstation cabs, you can take a number of routes to reach Agra from Delhi. While the shortest route is via the Taj Express Highway, you can also opt for the National Highway 19 route. If you have a little extra time in hand, you can reach Agra via Manpur.

What is the road condition like between Delhi To Agra?

The road condition between Delhi to Agra is surprisingly good. If you hire a cab you will be able to travel in comfort and get to Agra in about 3 to 3 and half hours depending on the traffic.