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Delhi to Ludhiana Taxi

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Delhi to Ludhiana Taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Delhi to Ludhiana?

If you want to take one-way taxi Delhi to Ludhiana, then there is good news for you. The distance from Delhi to Ludhiana is about 307 km and the road trip is so smooth that you will not realize when the time passed. The mesmerizing scenery along the road will make you more excited about the trip. Ludhiana is a beautiful place but when you go from Delhi to Ludhiana by car, the trip becomes more beautiful. Various Delhi to Ludhiana cab service such as Meru- are there to help you in this matter. Taxi service from Delhi airport to Ludhiana is also available.

What is the best time to visit?

You can visit Ludhiana by taking a car from Delhi to Ludhiana car rental. The best time to visit Ludhiana between October to March. The temperature remains around 7-30degree Celsius. The weather at this time remains quite pleasurable. It is neither too cold nor too hot. The best scenario will be available to you if you visit Ludhiana at the beginning of February at the time of Rural Olympics. It takes place in Kila Raipur and contains events that test physical as well as mental strength. It is a must-watch event. So, you must visit Ludhiana at this time of the year as taxi charges from Delhi to Ludhiana is not that much.

Alternate routes to Ludhiana from Delhi

If you take a car from Delhi to Ludhiana taxi service, the best route for this journey will take around 5 hours to cover a distance of about 307 km via NH44. This is a tolled route. There are two other routes to reach Ludhiana. The one via SH11 will take about 7 hours to cover 329 km and NH44 and the other one via NH352 will take about 7 and a half hours to travel about 353 km..

What is the road condition like between Delhi to Ludhiana?

Do not worry if you planning to take on a road trip to Ludhiana. You may also take a taxi straight from Delhi airport to Ludhiana taxi stand as the roads are in good condition all over the year. From Delhi to Ambala, the roads are always in excellent condition. From Ambala to Ludhiana, roads tend to be good to average. There are enough fuel stations and Dhabas and hotels throughout the road. Both Delhi to Ludhiana cab fare and taxi fare from New Delhi airport to Ludhiana are not very high and will not affect your pocket much. So, now without thinking much, book cab from Delhi to Ludhiana and visit this amazing place. You may also choose to go for sharing cabs from Delhi to Ludhiana from taxi service Delhi to Ludhiana. The scenery by the road and the sites of Ludhiana will surely fill your heart with satisfaction