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Ghaziabad To Dehradun taxi

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Ghaziabad To Dehradun taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Ghaziabad to Dehradun?

The journey from Ghaziabad to Dehradun is approximately four and half hours. The road trip is a lot of fun and is quick if you take the Upper Ganga Canal road and Saharanpur road. To take this route you need to take the National Highway 34 till you reach the Upper Ganga Canal road. Once on that road, you need to drive till National Highway 334 located in Bhainsi. Then you need to follow the National Highway 334 and National Highway 307 till you reach the Saharanpur road. You will then reach your destination in no time.

What is the best time to visit?

March to June is the best months to visit Dehradun. You should also know that maximum tourists visit Dehradun around this time. This is because the weather is clear and pleasant. You will also be able to enjoy the adventure activities to the fullest when you visit during these months. The temperatures drop to as low as 17 degree celsius during these months.

Alternate routes to Dehradun from Ghaziabad

There are numerous routes to take from Ghaziabad to Dehradun. The shortest route is via the Saharanpur road and Upper Ganga Canal road. You can also take the Saharanpur Delhi road. This route will add one hour to your journey. There is also the route via National Highway 709A. This route takes almost six and half hours to cover.

What is the road condition like between Ghaziabad to Dehradun?

Most of the roads between Ghaziabad to Dehradun are four way highways. These roads have a few bad stretches and there are a few stretches that are single lane roads without a divider. If you are careful on these roads, the rest of the journey should be smooth sailing. You should also plan as per the traffic prediction. If you leave in the morning, you will reach Dehradun in under five hours. However, if you leave in the afternoon or evening the journey could even take nine hours.