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Kochi to Munnar

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How the roadmap by cab would look like between Kochi to Munnar?
There are a couple of routes to reach Munnar from Kochi. The fastest way to reach Munnar is via National Highway 85. When you book a one way cab from Kochi to Munnar, you should ask the driver if he is aware of the route. This route is pretty straightforward and you cannot go wrong with it. You first need to head towards the Kochi Panvel highway and then follow National Highway 85 that will take you to Munnar Udumalpet road located in Moolakadai. From there take a left and you will pass by the R.O. junction on the right.

What is the best time to visit?
The best time to visit Munnar is between the months of December to February. The winters in Munnar are not harsh and it makes it easy for tourists to travel around the city without getting tired or sweating too much. The view around the city during these months is also amazing and you will manage to make the most of your trip here. There are some interesting adventure activities you can indulge in such as rappelling, rock climbing, trekking and some other interesting mountain activates which are best enjoyed during these months. The summers here are harsh, and the temperatures can go up to 35 degrees at a peak. However, if you prefer the heat then you can always come here during summer as well. The monsoons are not the best time to visit Munnar because of the swarms and the difficulty to travel.

Alternate routes to Munnar from Kochi
There are two major routes that you can take to reach Munnar from Kochi. The best route is via National Highway 85. This route will take you approximately four hours to reach Munnar. The other route adds about 15 minutes to your journey time. This route is via the Chithrappuzha-Ponjassery road and National Highway 85.

What is the road condition like between Kochi to Munnar?
The roads between Kochi and Munnar are very smooth. Unlike what you would expect with hilly areas, the roads are wide and the two lanes are very clearly marked. When you pass through towns, the traffic may slow you down, however, the roads do not disappoint.