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Manali To Kasol taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Manali To Kasol?

There are two options to catch Kasol from Manali. The NH3 and manikaran Road brings you to Kasol in just 2 hours and 30 minutes which considered as the fastest route between these two cities. You need to cover 75 kms in this route with scenic beauties of nature and the river Parvati alongwith. Cab Booking is so easy nowadays, you can hire taxi online on rent.

What is the best time to visit?

Kasol, a stunning small town in Himachal Pradesh recognizes many visitors practically all year long. Although the winters by December and January are intense, the other winter seasons are fairly enjoyable. Also you need to explore about places to stay in Kasol, if you are planning to visit there. September to November: The best time to visit Kasol in the month of September to November. Almost the temperature of this popular hill station is moderate and charming to the travellers. Alongwith you can also go to the place in the month of April to June. The summer time in Kasol is always pleasant. Temperature in summer is between 14° C to 28° C which means the day time may be little bit hot but the night will be cool for you. The summer months will be the most desired one for travelers as the weather continues to be nicely cool while monsoons will be the ideal for adventure pursuits.

Alternate routes to Kasol from Manali

The alternate routes to Kasol to Manali passes through Naggar and Kullu that is having a length of 80-100 kms and takes 3 hours plus long from Manali. This route is having traffic in between.

What is the road condition like between Manali To Kasol?

To be very frank the road condition to any mountain locations are always good while the cab driver is efficient and experienced. The steep and curves are full between this route which is obviously charming.