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Mumbai To Kolhapur cab

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Mumbai To Kolhapur cab


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Mumbai to Kolhapur?

The route between Mumbai and Kolhapur is a bit long. The fastest way to reach Kolhapur by road is via the Asian Highway 47. First you need to reach the Mumbai Pune Highway that starts after Panvel. Once you are on this road, you need to continue till you reach National Highway 48. After that you need to reach the Asian Highway 47. Once you continue driving on this road, you will reach Kolhapur in no time.

What is the best time to visit?

The months between November and February are the best months to visit Kolhapur in outstation cabs. The temperature is around 14 degree Celsius at this time and you can roam the city in peace. Summers get very hot and humid in Kolhapur.

Alternate routes to Kolhapur from Mumbai

There is only one route to reach Kolhapur. This route is also called the old Mumbai Goa Highway. The journey is approximately six hours and you will need to stick to the Asian Highway 47 to get to Kolhapur without getting lost and without too many potholes.

What is the road condition like between Mumbai to Kolhapur?

The roads between Mumbai and Kolhapur are excellent. The highways are four lane highways and there are a number of bridges and flyovers that have helped in easing the traffic congestion. To get the best results from your drive, you should leave Mumbai in the night and reach Kolhapur early in the morning. You should also be aware of oncoming traffic and make sure that you have rested well before the journey.