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Mumbai To Shirdi Taxi


How the roadmap would look like between Mumbai to Shirdi taxi?

The road between Mumbai and Shirdi is pretty straightforward. You need to tell your cab booking service to take the Ghoti Shirdi road and then take the National Highway 160. This will take you to Shirdi in about 4 and half hours. If you are in a one way cab from Mumbai to Shirdi then you need to make sure that you travel during the day so that the driver will not have to travel back alone in the night. Since it is a National Highway, it is better to avoid traffic at night.

What is the best time to visit?

People tend to come to Shirdi all year around, and there's no specific time to come and seek blessings, however, if you want to beat the heat then visiting Shirdi during the months of December to February always make sense. The winters are moderate and you will be able to enjoy the city comfortably. You don't need to carry too many warm clothes since it doesn't get too cold here. Summers in Shirdi are quite harsh which is why it can get a little difficult for you to visit this city during the months of March to May, however, the added advantage of coming here during these months is that you will be able to avoid the crowds. If you're traveling to Shirdi during summer apply sunscreen and wear light clothes so you can stay comfortable. The monsoons are also comfortable as long as you carry an umbrella.

Alternate routes to Shirdi from Mumbai

There are quite a few routes to get to Shirdi from Mumbai. While the route via Ghoti Shirdi road through outstation cabs will take you about five hours, the other routes will take you longer. The route via National Highway 61 will take you six hours and fifteen minutes. The route via the Bengaluru Mumbai Highway will take you about the same time that is six hours and eighteen minutes.

What is the road condition like between Mumbai to Shirdi?

The roads between Mumbai to Shirdi are well maintained and you will be able to travel in comfort without stressing about any bumps during the ride. This is a comfortable way to get here.