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Surat to Mumbai taxi

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Surat to Mumbai taxi


How the roadmap by cab would look like between Surat to Mumbai?

Surat and Mumbai are two major financial and economic centers of the country and are both located on the coast of the Arabian Sea. The two cities are located 281 km away from each other separated by just a 5 hr drive on the NH48 by a Surat to Mumbai taxi. To reach Mumbai, take the Navsari-Palsana road out of Surat to reach the NH53. Then switch to NH48 for the next 266 Km and exit from the Western Express Highway when you reach Santacruz and voila, you have reached the beautiful city of Mumbai by your Surat to Mumbai cab. One can also book a cab straight from Surat to Mumbai airport if you are low on spare time and Surat to Mumbai by car is an excellent option if you have an appointment or a flight you cannot miss. Surat to Mumbai airport taxi is also available in Surat via cab companies and is very convenient and cost-effective as the Surat to Mumbai airport distance is 274 km.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Surat is during the winter season from the month of October to March as the temperature remains in the sweet spot of 15 to 29 degree Celsius without much humidity making it ideal for a day out. The climate is very suitable for tourism and October also sees Navaratri which is a must-attend festival for all tourists.

Alternate routes to Mumbai from Surat

Via NH48 Follow Surat - Navsari - Palsana Rd/Surat - Palsana to NH53 in Raj Abhishek City Homes 23 min (11.3 km) Follow NH 48 and Western Express Hwy to Nehru Rd in Anand Nagar, Mumbai. Exit from Western Express Hwy 4 h 27 min (265 km) Follow Nehru Rd and Air India Rd to CST Road/Tamasi Bandat Rd in Friends Colony 14 min (4.1 km)

What is the road condition like between Surat to Mumbai?

The road connection between the two cities is excellent with an NH connecting the two. The road is comfortable to drive on and one can reach their destination with ease. Cab service in Mumbai is excellent and can take you to any destination in and around the city and even to neighboring states, similar to car rental in Surat.