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Employee Commute

Cut down costs and hassles related to employee travel

Give your teams smooth, comfortable and clean rides with well-trained chauffeurs! You can remotely overlook your company rides, allocate budgets, access spends per group, check available balance, download reports, and more via our all‑in-one dashboard, as we manage the rest.

Oversee and authorize how your employees and guests get around with a streamlined process set in place. Get actionable insights into the overall travel behavior of your organization with relevant graphs, detailed travel reports and real-time data on ongoing employee rides. Discover unlimited possibilities with MeruBiz corporate cab services and say yes to reliable rides, increased productivity and a cost-effective business travel solution.

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No More Driver Denials

Assured availability of cabs with minimal wait-time

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Reduce Cost To Company

Cost savings up to 57%

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Fully Tech-Backed System

Auto-scheduling of roster rides

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Transparency Is Key

Complete admin control with back-end management service

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Save Time

Minimize administrative efforts with automated expense reporting