Partner with Meru by attaching your car.

Attach your car with Meru and become an entrepreneur. Drive our valued customers to their destinations to earn respect, good lifestyle and make some good money as a true entrepreneur.

Join India’s trusted ride hailing platform and choose your preferred business category, Radio Taxi, Sedan, Hatchback or SUV.

Why Partner With Us?

Flexible working hours
Airport business
Earn good money with high rate per km
24+ cities and 4 car categories
Start of business same day
Option to choose ride on your way home
Same day payments
Millions of happy customers

Other delights

Child Education
24x7 Customer

What our driver-partners says

I joined Meru when I was told there’s a consistent driver’s share throughout the year. Business for me has always been great all these years and it gives me great satisfaction. People at Meru are always supportive and understanding even if we have any issue at midnight. I get to spend a lot of time with my family and two children as there is no work pressure and I get the freedom I want.

- Syed Nizam Shah -

It’s been 4 years with Meru now and I can’t be happier. My father had issues a few years back which made me leave my native place and come to Hyderabad and while looking for jobs, I was told about Meru. I get the freedom I want, doing what I like and also earning a decent amount for my family without any stress or pressure. It is more than I can ask for.

- Sankar -

I am very happy and content with Meru. I have been able to give good education to my three sons while working with Meru. First son is working with Intellinet now and second one is studying CS (company secretary), whereas the third son is doing MA 2nd year. I have been able to increase my standard of living and the thing I like the most about Meru is the respect with which everyone treats me here.

- Sarbajit Singh -

I left Google and joined Meru in 2009 because of the good reviews I had heard about Meru. I saved enough with Meru to send my son to Canada and it makes me feel independent, giving good life to my mother and family. I am proud to be associated with Meru and I think other companies are not as professional as Meru when it comes to driver dealing.

- Micky Ahuja -

My name is Mukesh and I’ve been working for Meru since 6 years now. I am way too satisfied with the way Meru treats me. There are always Mentors who listen to my request, and they respond immediately. When I go back home, I get time to play with my daughter and spend time with family. I am able to do this because daily I just do 4-5 trips without any stress. Thank you, Meru.

- Mukesh -

Required documents

Owner documents

  1. PAN card
  2. Cancelled cheque or Passbook
  3. Aadhaar card
  4. Address proof

Driver documents

  1. Driving license
  2. Aadhaar card
  3. Address proof

Car documents

  1. Vehicle RC
  2. Vehicle permit
  3. Vehicle insurance


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