Press Releases : MERU On Mumbai's Road

MERU On Mumbai's Road
May 23, 2007 6:28 PM

Mr. Neeraj Gupta, M.D. of V-Link Group, the leading fleet management solutions and car rentals services, launched of new World-class air-conditioned metered radio taxi called "Meru". It will provide an another option and upgrade comforts than the Black and Yellow taxis in Mumbai. Mr. Neeraj Gupta Said that - " The company is initially giving the launch in Mumbai by 150 Taxis which will provide improved technologies, more comforts, excellent alternative & better services for the corporate, foreign travelers & commuters in Mumbai and the service will be provided by "Maruti Esteem".

Mr. Gupta added," V-link has satisfied the criteria laid down by the Government of Maharashtra and is one of the finest players selected by the by the Government as an operator of radio taxis in Mumbai. Services like "Dial-a-Meru", "SMS-a-Meru" and "Meru-on-the-Net" will also be available shortly. Through this project, V-Link hopes to upgrade the quality of urban transportation in Mumbai and also contribute in a small way to uplift the community of chauffeurs who will be engaged in these operations."

Key Features of "Meru" -
  1. Tamper Proof Digital Meters & Electronic printers with the flag down fare of Rs 15 and Rs 13 for every additional KM.
  2. "Lost and Found"- GPS based tracking technology responsive tracking system in place so that any item left behind inadvertently in a Meru cab can be traced to the vehicle the customer used.
  3. Operated by environment friendly fuel, i.e. CNG
  4. Advance Booking available " on demand" by calling 24*7 customer care centre 4422 4422
  5. Some basic amenities like maps of the city, wet wipes, clean bottled water and a limited selection of music would initially be offered to passengers using Meru services.
With the ending note Mr. Gupta announced that the no of taxis will increase y 1000 cabs by the next 3 to 5 years and the commuters can hail the services subsequently in the cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Chennai, Banglore & Pune.


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