Press Releases : Meru Taxi, saaru chhe!

Meru Taxi, saaru chhe!
March 30, 2007 6:23 PM

There is another option to your black and yellow taxi. V-Link a private taxi service announced the launch of its Meru cabs at a function at the Hilton Towers yesterday.

The cabs will be on the roads by Sunday morning. These Maruti Esteem cars (150 in all) will be parked at pre-designated spots in the city, and will initially concentrate on South Mumbai.

The flag down fare will be Rs 15 and Rs 13 will be added for every additional kilometer. Air-conditioning and tamper proof meters are some of the features promised. Add ons like a city map, water bottles and wet wipes will also be provided in the taxis.

The company insists it is not treading on the wheels of regular cabs. "We are aiming at corporate and foreign travelers in the city, though the cab will be at kerbsides, available to all," said a spokesperson of V Link.


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