Press Releases : Taxi Rides to Be Less Taxing

Taxi Rides to Be Less Taxing
November 22, 2007 6:29 PM

The state government pushed through the first of Mumbai's private taxi services last November with the launching of Arun Sabnis's Gold Cab Service. The old unions, peopled by cabbies driving the black-and-yellow taxis, waved black flags and staged a demonstration even as the inauguration ceremony was on. The company ran into problems; there was the usual red tape and Sabnis had to begin niche segments like vehicles for disabled and special service for elderly. But the things have sorted themselves out and Gold Cab now runs scores of vehicles.

V Link Travel Solutions Pvt Ltd was the next entrant. But here, too, most chauffeurs who traded in their old black-and-yellow vehicles for the new Esteems had teething problems adjusting to the new, faster-moving system. Gradually, however, more and more Esteems are now being seen on road.

Another cab service is begin launched later this month. Called Priyadarshini, it will call cater exclusively to women; chauffeurs, too, will be women.


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