Press Releases : What The Old Faithfuls Lack

What The Old Faithfuls Lack
November 22, 2007 6:54 PM

There are several disadvantages of traveling in a Premier Padmini, say those who want a fresh fleet of taxis on Mumbai's roads.

Most of the old taxis do not have electronic meters. These new meters are more difficult to rig and can give passengers better value for money.

The new small cars are much more fuel-efficient and give much better mileage than old Premier Padminis, says City Taxi Union president Mushtaq Qureshi. Cabbies can save at least 25 per cent of their fuel bills if they switch to the new cars.

The old Premier Padminis, most of which have already seen their prime, can be a pain. They do not stand any comparison with the new-generation cars when it comes to passenger comfort.

The old, rickety Premier Padminis - with a top speed of around 50 kmph - can make your journey last much longer than the new Indicas, Santros and 800s, especially if you are traveling at night or on empty stretches of road.

The new-cars, for obvious reasons, are also much more comfortable for chauffeurs just like they are for passengers.


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