Press Releases : Meru cab carries its one millionth customer

Meru cab carries its one millionth customer
October 21, 2008 10:32 AM

Meru Cab, which launched its radio cab services in India last year, has now served one million customers. After seeing an unprecedented increase in the demand for its services, the company is increasing fleet size in Bangalore to 1000 cabs by the end of this year. The total fleet size across India will increase to 12000 cabs over the next three years.

Mr. Raghu Gopalan, based in Bangalore, was Meru's one millionth customer. To commemorate this event Meru Cab is presenting Mr. Raghu Gopalan with a dinner voucher at a five star hotel in Bangalore and a gift hamper sponsored by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd. India's leading general insurance company.

Commenting on the service of Meru Cab Mr. Raghu Gopalan said, "I have been using Meru's services ever since the launch in Bangalore earlier this year. I have always found the chauffeurs (called subscribers by Meru) to be extremely courteous and the cabs always turn up on time. With the printed receipt I am sure that I am paying the actual fare and no more. I will definitely continue to use the service in the future.

Given the quality and standard of public transportation vehicles available, Meru provides a far superior travel experience."

Mr. Mark Pereira, CEO of Meru Cab says, "In our endeavour to achieve service reliability and a consistently high quality of service, we are constantly striving to make the customer's experience with Meru Cabs as pleasant and hassle-free as possible.

He added, "The increase in the demand for our services proves the success of our efforts to improve the quality of land transportation in India and that customers are receptive to radio cab culture; we look forward to serving the next million customers."

Meru's services are also proving beneficial to women travellers and business travellers in the city. The safety and reliability of Merus, which provide customers with a printed receipt for the fare paid from a tamper-proof meter, enable women travelling within the city late at night or out partying until the early hours of the morning to travel at leisure and as per their own convenience.

Business travellers can use the receipt to easily claim travel expenditure amounts and home-makers who may not be able to use the family vehicle during the day are using Meru's services to shop or pick their children from school. With the rise in the campaign against drunk-driving, late night party goers are also opting for services offered by Meru and avoid driving their own cars, demonstrating Meru as a preferred option to other existing public transportation that currently ply here.

Services like "Dial-a-Meru", "SMS-a-Meru" and "Meru-on-the-Net" are available and customers can also hail a Meru by the curb-side. All Meru cabs can be tracked from the main control room to determine their geographical location and ensure a quick response and dispatch. Emergency security features such as a panic button are installed in the car along with First-Aid kits in case of any accidents or emergency situations. Meru also has a "Lost and Found" tracking system in place so that any item left behind unintentionally in a cab can be traced to the vehicle that the reporting customer has used.


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