Press Releases : Meru Cab wins NASSCOM-CNBC IT User Award 2008

Meru Cab wins NASSCOM-CNBC IT User Award 2008
November 8, 2008 10:37 AM

Meru Cab, the world class metered call taxi service which was launched in April of 2007, has won the NASSCOM-CNBC IT User Award 2008 in the Travel Segment in recognition of the pro-active and holistic approach to IT adoption and the seamless alignment of IT with the business strategy of the company

Meru Cab MD Neeraj Gupta, CEO Mark Pereira & CTO Nilesh Sangoi received the award on behalf of the company at the ceremony held last week at the ITC Grand Central Hotel in Mumbai. The chief guest for the event was Minister Jairam Ramesh while several other industry leaders and award winners were in attendance.

Mr. Mark Pereira, CEO of Meru Cab said, "It is a great honour to receive this award from NASSCOM and CNBC. A significant factor in the quality of transportation services provided by Meru Cab is the implementation of high-end technology in its operating systems as well as in the cabs themselves. Meru's primary focus is to provide its customers with high quality of service. Keeping this in mind, we are constantly striving to improve our operating systems, technology and customer services. This award is a validation for all our endeavours and we are grateful for this recognition."

Meru cab has pioneered the concept of GPS/GPRS enabled Taxis in India. Meru Cab is the largest private cab operator in India with 2000+ cabs across Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Delhi, all of which have the high end technology sytems installed in them Meru uses high-end GPS and GPRS technology in their Maruti Esteems / Indigo Marina / Mahindra Renault Logan vehicles to ensure real-time cab location and dispatch so that passengers receive a timely response and are picked up and dropped at their destinations without any unnecessary delay.

Each cab is fitted with a GPS based tracking device that helps to identify the nearest cab from a customer's pickup location. The customer's address and other details are communicated back to the subscriber on the display screen avoiding use of outdated radio trunking (walky-talky) technology or the use of a mobile phone. The subscriber can respond immediately regarding his availability to address the call or not at the press of a button.

There is a Mobile Communication Terminal (MCT) inside each cab which has a built-in GPS receiver, LCD display screen and GPRS connectivity, which helps the chauffeur to communicate with the control room. Meru's datacenter hosts a set of communication servers, application servers and database servers which are in constant touch with each cab through GPRS. The latitude and longitude information is plotted on GIS map for real-time tracking
Each cab is also fitted with a tamper-proof digital fare meter as per tariff set by each state transport authority. Every fare of a Meru is digitally transmitted back to the Control Centre and is recorded for reference.  Customers also get a printed receipt of the fare at the end of the trip. This makes it simple for those commuters who require a receipt for claiming travel expenses and can also be used by them to report excess fare complaints, if any.

Emergency security features such as a panic button and first-aid kits in case of any accidents or emergency situations. Meru cab also has a "Lost and Found" tracking system in place so that any item left behind inadvertently in a Meru cab can be traced to the vehicle that the reporting customer has used.


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