Press Releases : Meru Cabs hiring more chauffeurs

Meru Cabs hiring more chauffeurs
December 16, 2008 10:54 AM

Meru, a world-class metered radio cab service, which was launched in Mumbai in March 2007 will soon be increasing its fleet size in the city due to an accelerated demand by passengers. In order to cater to this demand, Meru Cabs is also looking to hire more chauffeurs (called subscribers by Meru).  The company, whose primary focus is on achieving service reliability and a consistently high quality of service, considers the subscribers as a key asset area in this endeavor.

Commenting on the subscribers in Mumbai, Mark Pereira, CEO of Meru Cabs says, Our efforts extend not only to customer service, but also to improving the benefits of the subscribers. With Meru Cabs, they have a chance to increase their earnings tremendously. Prospective subscribers are realizing this and we are receiving an increasing amount of applicants in the city.

Through Meru's business model, subscribers have the opportunity to become associates of the company. They are offered a chance to work in the organized sector, where they will earn well above the average industry standards as the company creates a demand for them. Most importantly, they are covered by a comprehensive accident insurance while on duty which safeguards the interests of their families. Meru also only recruits applicants with a minimum of three years of experience on the city roads and with a basic knowledge of reading addresses in English.

Mark Pereira adds, a thorough medical test is conducted in order to determine fitness levels of every subscriber. In addition, they are also given call centre support for bookings and in case of emergencies, can avail of the services of the Meru Service Vans which will be on call for any assistance required.

Subscriber recruitment & training is monitored carefully and for every 8 chauffeurs screened, Meru selects only 1. It is considered imperative that all subscribers receive the necessary training in road safety and customer service in order to provide passengers with the best possible quality of transportation. Meru cabs aims to provide this instruction and guidance to the subscribers in Hindi as well as in English so that it can be understood easily which will succeed in contributing towards improving the transport infrastructure in the city.

All Meru subscribers are provided with smart uniforms, shoes and mobile phones. The platform to deliver the Meru service in Mumbai is the Maruti Esteem which is a spacious car and therefore more comfortable than the regular cabs. Therefore they are assured of being provided with road-safe vehicles which are regularly maintained.  Overall, as compared to the existing cabs, Meru offers passengers and subscribers and a much higher quality of service in transport,

Customers can avail of multiple options to get the Meru cab service including dialing into 44224422 or lodging a web request at


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