Press Releases : Meru Cabs rolls out corporate travel programme on test mode

Meru Cabs rolls out corporate travel programme on test mode
November 3, 2008 10:41 AM

Anita Jain, Mumbai

Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd., which currently operates on a pure B2C model i.e. directly dealing with the end consumer, now plans to cater directly to the corporate segment through strategic tie-ups. It has already started a test corporate travel programme in New Delhi, where it has tied up with three corporate companies. "We are observing the needs and requirements of the corporate sector. After the testing programme, we will decide whether to enter into corporate tie ups or not," said Mark Pereira, CEO, Meru Cab Company Pvt. Ltd. He, however, refused to disclose the names of the three corporate companies.

V-Link Taxis Pvt. Ltd. operated metered cab services-Meru cabs is also rolling out its financial targets for next three years. Aiming to deploy about 4000 vehicles by March 2009, the company is looking forward to operate about 12,000 cabs by 2011. Currently, Meru operates in New Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai, it is planning to consolidate the present operational markets and later enter new markets. Talking about the company's goal for next three years, Pereira said, "Currently, we operate a fleet of about 1800 cabs in all the four metros. With the increasing demand, we are looking at deploying about additional 4000 cabs in all the operational markets by March 2009. For the same, the company is pumping in Rs 100 crore of which Rs 80 crore have already been used. By March 2011, we plan to operate about 12,000 cabs and record a turn over of Rs 300 - 400 crore in that fiscal year."

According to Pereira, the concept of radio taxi services is gaining pace in India. Due to limited number of players, a huge market is still untapped in India. He said, "The demand is rising steadily every month, but it is impossible to decrease the demand -supply gap in a month. Due to limited fleet, we are unable to meet the high demands in the markets. But by deploying 4000 cabs by end of this fiscal, we might meet the demands to some extent."


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