Press Releases : MERU opens safe transport option for women

MERU opens safe transport option for women
August 8, 2008 10:47 AM

Delhi has always been regarded as a city that is unsafe for women. Whether walking on the road, travelling by rickshaw or by bus, they are usually subjected to some sort of harassment. Although with the Delhi Metro, the city's transportation scenario has been improved upon, there is still a considerable demand for reliable, comfortable, and most of all - safe transport options. With the number of incidents of women being molested while travelling alone, especially at night - women need a transportation solution which can provide them with the option of travelling freely and without constant concern for their well-being.

Meru Cabs have been fulfilling this requirement since the launch of its services in Delhi in March of this year. Meru not only provides passengers with a timely response, picking up and dropping them at their destinations without any unnecessary delay, but also offers them the reliability of strictly monitored metered fare, in line with the structure laid down by the State Transport Authority. Every fare that the Meru takes is digitally transmitted back to the Control Centre and is recorded for reference.

Meru has also begun catering to the needs of home-makers who may not be able to use the family vehicle during the day. Meru's services are being used by these women, who are now able to shop, pick their children from school and travel at leisure as per their own convenience.

Women travelling within the city late at night or out partying until the early hours of the morning can easily call for a Meru Cab with services like "Dial-a-Meru" or "SMS-a-Meru". "Meru-on-the-Net" is also available. Women can also hail a Meru by the curb-side. All Meru cabs can be tracked from the main control room to determine their geographical location.

Emergency security features such as a panic button are installed in the car along with First-Aid kits in case of any accidents or emergency situations. V-Link also has a "Lost and Found" tracking system in place so that any item left behind unintentionally in a Meru cab can be traced to the vehicle that the reporting customer has used.

With the rise in the campaign against drunk-driving, a lot of late night party goers are opting for services offered by these radio cabs. Party-goers generally try to evade driving their own cars and as a precautionary measure opt to travel in cool cabs.

Meru is consistently distinguishing itself as a provider of superior quality transport and as a viable option for independent women in the city to feel safe and free to travel whenever, and wherever they wish.


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