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via NE1 and NH48

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Ahmedabad – A Cultural Wonderland

Located in the state of Gujarat, Ahmedabad is a bustling metropolis. The city surrounding the Sabarmati River from all sides is also home to an array of cultures unique to Gujarat.Ahmedabad is a good example of materialistic attitude and spirituality of self-renunciation. One of the fastest growing city in India, Ahmedabad is a centre for information technology, education and industries. Bhadra Fort, Shaking Minarets and Teen Darwaja are the historical sites of the city. Kankaria Lake and Vastrapur Lake are places which let you feel the pleasure of nature. If you want to enjoy the colourful side of this part, then pay a visit during the major festivals of Ahmedabad: Uttarayan and Navratri are two most famous festivals that are celebrated with great zeal and gusto. The winter season is considered the best time to visit the city. Surat can be a dream to navigate with a personal vehicle or book a private Meru Ahmedabad to Surat taxi viz the best way to explore Gujarat. The city is home to the elegant Sri Swaminarayan Temple while boasting the brilliance of Islamic architecture with structures like Dada Hari Vav. Historically, this well was built by Sultan Begara’s Harem. Ahmedabad was also home to Mahatma Gandhi making Sabarmati Ashram the top tourist attraction for history lovers. Exploring all these places can be a child’s play with Meru’s outstation service of Ahmedabad to Surat cabs. Online cab booking with Meru will give you excellent deals with no surge prices on an Ahmedabad to Surat taxi.

Surat – India’s Textile Capital

The riverside city of Surat is located in Gujarat on the banks of the Tapi river. Take an Ahmedabad to Surat Meru cab to explore the two prime centers of Gujarati tourism.Surat is a major gem stone center, and over 92% of the world’s diamonds are cut & polished here. The city is located on the banks of the Tapti River, and was a major port during the British colonial era.Historic romanticism, along with the coastal graciousness, is what makes Surat an important tourist destination in Gujarat.From beaches to museums to shopping malls, Surat has so many things to keep tourists busy. Individuals longing for quintessential should visit the monuments of the Surat region. The 16th-century Surat castle beside the Tapti Bridge is famous as the Surat’s oldest structure. Built by Khudawan Khan, an Albanian Christian, who embraced Islam, the castle has 12 m high battlements and 4 m high thick walls. Long iron spikes used to safeguard the fort from the outside world. Surat is called as the “Embroidery Capital of India” as it houses the maximum number of embroidery machines in any city in India.While in Surat, an Ahmedabad to Surat Meru cab will take you to visit the Ambaji temple, the Hajira Village or the Dumas beach for an authentic experience. Do visit the Sardar Patel Museum or Dandi to learn more about the history of Indian Independence.Even the dining style of Surat people is iconic. Cuisines of Surat are a perfect balance of sweet and spicy as they are prepared with special sweetmeat. Unlike other places in Gujarat, here one can find more non-vegetarian cuisines. Ahmedabad to Surat cabs, when booked with Meru, offer the best prices, along with GPS tracking features, and easy pickups via Meru online cab booking, Ahmedabad.

Places to see on route

Lakshmi Vilas Palace – A Royal Experience

One of the most majestic structures in India and the private residence of Maharaja Sayajirao, this stunning palace reflects the flamboyant architecture prevalent during the ancient days. Created in Indo-Saracenic style, it is a magnificent hybrid of elements from Hindu, Mughal and Gothic architectural forms with the use of domes, minrates and arches.Sprawled over an area of 700 acres, the palace is believed to be nearly four times the size of Buckingham Palace is one of largest palace ever built.The museum has an extraordinary collection of paintings & other artifacts from all around the world.This massive art-deco palace is still the royal residence and remains open for tourists sightseeing. Opt for Meru’s one-way taxi from Ahmedabad to Vadodara for a cheaper and enjoyable journey. You can also book a Meru taxi from Ahmedabad airport to Vadodara to save time and reach quicker.

Sur Sagar Lake

Formerly known as the Chandan Talav, the Sur Sagar Lake is located right in the middle of Vadodara is a gorgeous perennial lake with concrete walls surrounding it.The biggest attraction of the lake is the 120 feet tall statue of Lord Shiva that stands in the centre of the lake. You can visit here in the evenings to enjoy the lit-up scenery.The lake is also a popular boating spot in Vadodara, and many boating and yachting tournaments are held here. Avail a Meru taxi service in Ahmedabad to reach Sur Sagar Lake.


Qutubuddin Tomb

The tomb of Qutubuddin Mohammed Khan, the Hazira Maqbara is a chief tourist attraction located in Vadodara which contains the graves of Qutb-ud-din Muhammad Khan who was the tutor of Salim, son and successor of Akbar, and also that of his son Naurang Khan who held important offices in Gujarat under Akbar. It is constructed on a tall octagonal platform and has an impeccable white dome with Smaller Gates on the Cardial Directions & Five Arches on Each Side.. It is a prime example of Mughal architectural brilliance. Visit the tomb to immerse yourself into Mughal history. Make an online Meru taxi booking in Ahmedabad to reach this place conveniently.

Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery

With a castle-like outlook and thousands of historical tales, the Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery is every tourist’s dream destination. It was built by SayajiRoa III in 1879 A.D. and covers an extensive area of 113 acres and is considered to be one of the famous museum of our country. The Egyptian mummy and a skeleton of a blue Whale are major attractions for those who visit the museum. Other treashres include the famous Akota bronzes dating the 5th century A.D. A collection of Mughul miniatures, a fully-fledged gallery of Tibetan Arts etc. It also has a vast collection of traditional ethnography, pictures, and manuscripts. Do hire a Meru cab in Ahmedabad to reach this marvelous museum.

Dumas Beach

Dumas Beach is an urban beach along the Arabian Sea, located 21 kilometres (13 mi) southwest of the City of Surat that beautifully flaunts its serene shoreline along the city. Considered as a popular tourist retreat you can also enjoy birdwatching in certain seasons. This beach’s unique sand has a high concentration of iron, making it appear black. While here, you will hear several thrilling haunted tales surrounding the black Dumas beach. You can take a calming walk on the shore or enjoy mouthwatering street food. Book a Meru cab in Ahmedabad to reach Surat and explore this magnificent beach.

Dutch Gardens

If you are looking for a lush green retreat amid Surat’s noisy streets, the Dutch garden would be the perfect destination for you to visit.The garden has been designed in a European style along with beautiful flower beds. The well-planned and well-maintained garden gives a wonderful recreational space to the locals as well as tourists. River Tapi flowing at one side of the park adds immensely to the beauty of the park and helps the visitors unwind and feel good. Here, you can walk along the perfectly manicured grass trails or watch stunning fountains. Take a car on rent with Meru in Surat and reach this alluring Dutch gardens.

Science Center

If you are passionate about science, you must visit the Science Center of Surat. Science Centre, Surat is a multi-facility complex in Surat, Gujarat, India built by the Surat Municipal Corporation in 2009, the first of its type in western India. The complex houses a Science Centre, museum, an art gallery, an auditorium, an Amphitheatre and a planetarium. This place is filled with the knowledge of the space, universe, technology, and cosmos. You can enjoy 3D models of various scientific experiments and structures. Also, try the Fun Science Gallery to learn about scientific principles in a fun-filled manner. Take a Meru outstation cab to reach Surat and stop by the Science center for an educative experience.

Gavier Lake

If you travel from Ahmedabad to Surat by Meru cab, you should stop here for a relaxing time.The Gavier Lake of Surat is no less than a treat to the eyes of every nature lover. This pristine spot has been acknowledged as a real paradise for all the bird watchers. The presence of multi-coloured lotuses spread all along the top surface of the lake and hundreds of migratory birds hovering all the way around relaxes your body, mind and soul. Here, you can spend a day picnicking with friends or watching colorful butterflies. An online cab booking with Meru will make the experience of exploring Surat’s Gavier Lake absolutely hassle-free for you.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Ahmedabad To Surat?

The fastest way to get from Ahmedabad to Surat is via National Expressway 1 and National Highway 48 through Meru cab booking services. First, you need to reach National Expressway 1 in Hatkeshwar. From there you need to follow the National Expressway 1 and National Highway 48 till you reach Kamrej Gam road. You need to continue on this road and the Canal road till you reach your destination with Meru’s round trip cab or one-way cab.

What is the best time to visit?

As it is with the rest of Gujarat, the summers are very hot and humid. It is best to avoid visiting Surat between March and June. If you are looking for a pleasant climate, then you should visit Surat by booking a Meru cab between October and February.

Alternate routes to Surat from Ahmedabad

Since Surat is one of the prime commercial areas of Gujarat, a number of people end up visiting this city across the year. If you want to avoid the crowd, then taking the road is the best thing to do. There is only one major route between Ahmedabad and Gujarat. This route is via the National Expressway 1 and National Highway 48. Since the roads in Gujarat are excellent, you will be able to cruise through the journey with the most comfortable rides on a Meru cab.

What is the road condition like between Ahmedabad To Surat?

The roads in Gujarat are impeccable and people all over the country give examples of these roads. These roads are the best in the world and it’s tough to find roads and smooth and neat as the roads between Ahmedabad and Surat. You can totally enjoy your smooth ride along the way with Meru.