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via Vellore - Chennai Rd

via Vellore - Chennai Rd

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Chennai – Southern Sojourn

Chennai is a gorgeous beach town located in the seaside state of Tamil Nadu. Take a Chennai to Vellore Meru taxi if you want to explore the rich culture of India’s southern part. In Chennai, you will never run out of things to do. If you want to flit between calm beaches and bustling shopping streets, Chennai will warrant vacation of a lifetime. You can visit the glorious Chennai beaches to enjoy some water sports or take a walk on the sandy shores. Stop by the many magnificent temples of Chennai for divine blessings. Hiring a Chennai to Vellore Meru cab will make sure you enjoy each tourist spot thoroughly. Book taxi online using Meru’s outstation cab booking and avail benefits like GPS enabled Chennai to Vellore cabs and easy pickups. Also get exciting offers on online cab booking.

Vellore – History Edified

Vellore is a quaint Indian city located in Tamil Nadu. Take a Chennai to Vellore Meru cab to enjoy a vacation that will immerse You into the rich Indian culture. If you enjoy visiting plenty of stunning landmarks and incredible monuments in a small city, Vellore is a must-visit. The world-famous Vellore monuments will enable you to learn more about ancient South Indian kings and queens, history and local heritage. It’s known for 16th-century Vellore Fort, with its imposing granite walls and surrounding moat. Inside the fort, the Jalakandeswarar Temple features many ornate sculptures. Nearby, the Government Museum has prehistoric relics and natural history displays. By the Palar River, the Muthu Mandapam memorial houses the tomb of a Tamil leader. You can also marvel at the exquisitely constructed temples and churches of Vellore. If you want to witness pieces of evidence of the city’s rich history, the Archaeological Survey of India museum of Vellore will be your go-to spot.

Places to see on route

Vellore Fort – Unmatched Glory

Constructed brilliantly in the 15th Century, the Vellore Fort is a must-visit if you want an educative experience for your vacation. The fort was at one time the headquarters of the Aravidu Dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire. The fort is known for its grand ramparts, wide moat and robust masonry.Enjoy walking around the premises while observing the delicate wall carvings. Choose car rental in Chennai for outstation travel to Vellore or book a Vellore taxi using Meru to land up at this majestic fort.

Jalakandeswara Temple – Divine Presence

A unique temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, the Jalakandeswara temple is the perfect spiritual retreat for you. The temple dates back to the Chola era and was renovated by Kempegowda. The unique feature of this temple is it contains three sanctums dedicated to Jalakantheshwara, Parvathi and Kailashnathar. Enjoy the one of a kind rituals of the temple or observe the beautiful sanctum sanctorum. Avail a Meru cab in Chennai to end up at this temple located in Vellore.


Sripuram Golden Temple – Divine Sculptures

Golden Temple Vellore complex inside the Thirupuram spiritual park is situated at the foot of a small range of green hills at Thirumalaikodi Vellore in Tamil Nadu, India. It is 120 km from Tirupati, 145 km from Chennai, 160 km from Puducherry and 200 km from Bengaluru. With an impressive structure covered with real gold foil, the Sripuram Golden temple makes for a spellbinding experience. Learn about its construction or perform rituals to please Sri Lakshmi Narayani, a Hindu Goddess. This temple calls the Spiritual Oasis Park its home. Observe the star path that leads to this temple and also enjoy the surrounding natural park. With outstation cabs, Chennai to Vellore is a comfortable journey that will allow you to explore this temple without getting tired.

Arulmigu Balamurugan Ratnagiri Tirrukovil – Uniquely Stunning

The Ratnagiri Murugan Temple is a 14th-century spiritual retreat that will calm your mind and rejuvenate you. The temple is devoted to the Hindu deity Murugan. The most unusual thing about the place is that a sand structure is said to have changed to a stone shrine over time, making it extremely sacred. It is significant to the Hindu sect of Saivism as one of the temples associated with the five elements, the Pancha Bhoota Stalas, and specifically the element of fire, or Agni. Book Meru cabs in Vellore to offer your prayers here. With a Chennai to Vellore Meru cab, you can enjoy all these tourist spots conveniently. Meru’s “book taxi online” feature for outstation cab booking is known to be the most convenient way to avail of Chennai to Vellore cabs. With Meru, you can enjoy a variety of cars like Hatchbacks and SUVs for travelling from Chennai to Vellore by a cab.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Chennai To Vellore?

When you contact Meru cab booking service, you need to confirm with them if they are aware of the road map. There are a couple of alternative routes that you can take to Vellore from Chennai. If you are hiring a one way Meru cab, you will also need to help the driver with return directions. The best and fastest route is via the Vellore Chennai road. First, you need to take the Vepery High road till you reach the Chennai Kanyakumari road. Then you will get to the Poonamallee high road located in Mahaveer colony. Once you get there, you need to follow the Vellore Chennai road till you reach National Highway 38 that is located in Srinivasan Nagar in Vellore.

What is the best time to visit?

Vellore lies to the south of India and the summers in these parts of the country are not the best. If you want to make the most of your holiday to Vellore then try to plan your visit between the months of October to March. The climate during these months is pleasant and you will manage to enjoy the best of the city without sweating too much. Vellore is a humid city and traveling around the city during the hot summer months isn’t something that you will enjoy. If you have to travel to Vellore during summer then consider renting an air-conditioned Meru cab so you can travel in comfort.

Alternate routes to Vellore from Chennai

There are a couple of routes that you can take when you are traveling from Chennai to Vellore. The fastest route is the Vellore Chennai road route. This route will get you to Vellore in about three hours. However, if you have a little time in hand, you can even take the Salai Street route. This route will get you to Vellore in approximately four hours. Meru’s proffesional drivers would take you by the best route possible.

What is the road condition like between Chennai To Vellore?

The journey from Chennai to Vellore is a comfortable and convenient one. It takes less than 4 hours and if you leave early in the morning you will manage to get there faster since you will beat the traffic. The roads are wide and clean too. Hire a Meru cab to enjoy your trip and make it a memorable one.