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via NH 44

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Delhi – Enticing Capital Of India

Capital of our nation, Delhi is one of the happening cities in India. Delhi to Ludhiana cab facility by Meru is frequent and easily approachable. Delhi is landlocked union territory and the political center that houses Parliament and Lal Qila or Red fort. The ruling Prime Minister of India unfurls the tricolor flag every year on the Indian Independence day at Red fort. Apart from the political facets, Delhi is endowed with a myriad of cultural features influenced by the northern states. As India’s national capital and centuries old Mughal capital, Delhi influenced the food habits of its residents and is where Mughlai cuisine originated. Along with Indian cuisine, a variety of international cuisines are popular among the residents. Book a Meru Cab and take a stroll to Chandani Chowk’s Parathe Wali Gali and taste a variety of paratha with mouth watering taste. While most of the locals speak Hindi, there reside Haryanvi, Kashmiris, Himachalis, and Garwhalis too. National Museum, National Gallery of Modern Art, Crafts Museum displays the art and culture preserved by the city. Moreover, moving around the vicinity is convenient through the effectual network of Metro. Do utilize Meru’s cab service from Delhi to Ludhiana to book a cab online and reckon an interesting sojourn.

Ludhiana – Blend Of Ethnicities

The historic city of Ludhiana was established during the Lodhi dynasty in the 15th century. Snuggled on the banks of Sutlej river, Ludhiana city of picturesque Punjab is bestowed with the title of India’s Manchester by BBC. Flanked by farming lands, Ludhiana is a soulful mixture of rural and urban livelihoods. It is especially known for its woollen sweaters and cotton T-shirts with the majority of India’s woollen clothing brands being based here. Ludhiana is also famous for its industry of shawls and stoles and satisfies the demand of major domestic and international brands. The scenic drive of Delhi to Ludhiana by Meru Cab brings you the unmatched views of Punjab’s spellbinding farms, and indigenous flora and fauna. Ramble through the streets of markets and bring back home some local souvenirs. While you think of managing your expenses it will be a no surprise to know the affordable rates of Delhi to Ludhiana offered by Meru. Some of the must visit markets in Ludhiana are Kalyan Nagar, Ghara Bhan, Akaal Market, AC Market, Dal Bazaar and Bajwa Nagar which can be easily visited by Meru Cabs.

Places to see on route

Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagroan – Refresh the soul

Dedicated to Sikh saint Guru Gobind Singh, Gurudwara Nanaksar Jagroan sees gatherings of devotes at this shrine. The sparkling and reinvigorating environ around the pond in this gurudwara is indeed deserving.This is famous as the memoir of Guru Gobind Singh and is situated in Ludhiana at the banks of the Nanaksar Sarovar. The prominent feature of this shrine is its five-day festival; this is why they experience a lot of visitors and devotees.The place is a must-visit for the tourists to be part of the local culture and traditions and soak in the divine presence. With Meru’s top-notch outstation cab booking, do not hesitate to plan this divine journey through our Delhi to Ludhiana cab

Rakh Bagh Park – Chill around

A favorite place for locals to enjoy a morning walk in Ludhiana, the Rakh Bagh Park is a great place to spend time in the city anytime of the day.With a toy train to amuse all the age groups, Rakh Bagh Park calls upon everyone to spend their leisure time in the city of Ludhiana. Sort your evenings at this park while you walk, jog or bike on the exclusive jogging and cycling tracks.

Places to see in Ludhiana (Delhi-Ludhiana)

Lodhi fort – Ancient tale

Lodhi Fort is one of the forts in the vicinity of Ludhiana in Punjab. It is locally known as Purana Qila or Old Fort. Having served as an entrance to Sikandar Lodhi’s empire, and formerly known as Lodhiana, the Lodhi fort is 500 hundred-year-old ancient structure. Book one of Meru’s Delhi to Ludhiana cabs to unravel the mysteries of this interesting fort and its topography.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum – Learn the war

Learning history is fun and Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum will delve you into the bright Indian past revealing some of the never-heard-before facts. Displaying armours, artilleries and various war objects, the museum comprises twelve galleries retelling historical narratives. A major attraction of this museum is the light and sound show which narrates the story of war of independence and the role of the gallant soldiers of Punjab in it. The show also creates a sense of nationalism among the people. Book a Meru Outstation Cab to plan your memorable trip with us to this exquisite location.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Delhi to Ludhiana?

The distance from Delhi to Ludhiana is about 307 km and the road trip is so smooth that you will not realize when the time passes. The mesmerizing scenery along the road will make you more excited about the trip. Ludhiana is a beautiful place but when you go from Delhi to Ludhiana by car, or by hiring a Meru cab, the trip becomes more beautiful.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Ludhiana is between October to March. The temperature remains around 7-30 degree Celsius. The weather at this time remains quite pleasurable. It is neither too cold nor too hot. The best scenario will be available to you if you visit Ludhiana at the beginning of February at the time of Rural Olympics. It takes place in Kila Raipur and contains events that test physical as well as mental strength. It is a must-watch event. So, you must visit Ludhiana at this time of the year. Book a Delhi to Ludhiana Meru outstation cab and enjoy your journey.

Alternate routes to Ludhiana from Delhi

If you take a Meru car from Delhi to Ludhiana, the best route for this journey will take around 5 hours to cover a distance of about 307 km via NH44. This is a tolled route. There are two other routes to reach Ludhiana. The one via SH11 will take about 7 hours to cover 329 km and NH44 and the other one via NH352 will take about 7 and a half hours to travel about 353 km.

What is the road condition like between Delhi to Ludhiana?

Do not worry if you planning to take on a road trip to Ludhiana. You may also take a Meru cab straight from Delhi Airport to Ludhiana as the roads are in good condition all over the year. From Delhi to Ambala, the roads are always in excellent condition. From Ambala to Ludhiana, roads tend to be good to average. There are enough fuel stations and Dhabas and hotels throughout the road. Both Delhi to Ludhiana cab fare and fares from New Delhi Airport to Ludhiana are not very high and will not affect your pocket much. So, now without thinking much, book a Meru cab from Delhi to Ludhiana and visit this amazing place.