Gurgaon to Dehradun

Cab Services

280 km

via Saharanpur Rd

via Saharanpur Rd

Road Condition

Gurgaon – The Millennium City

Book a Gurgaon to Dehradun cab to visit Dehradun from Gurgaon, preferably a Meru cab service in Gurgaon will allow for easy transportation around the city. Shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, and bars, will engulf you in its high-end ambiance and dynamic lifestyle. Take a Gurgaon taxi to visit several historical masterpieces and temples of the city. You can take day trips to the lakes, parks and bird sanctuary in a Gurgaon taxi service. For a time-out from the city, take an outstation taxi service in Gurgaon and travel from Gurgaon to Dehradun by car.

Dehradun –Valley With A View

If you seek a getaway from the urban world, Dehradun is your place to be. Take a Gurgaon to Dehradun taxi for a phenomenal view of the Himalayas and the Shivaliks. The valley will cheer up your spirit and cleanse your senses with lovely weather and you can traverse it with a taxi service in Dehradun. Explore the stunning monasteries, temples, and churches for a spiritual retreat. Take a car rental in Dehradun and visit Dehradun’s many museums and research institutes. Make the best of the Dehradun taxi service and don’t miss out on anything with a cab booking for an outstation journey in Gurgaon.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Gurgaon to Dehradun?

After your arrival in Gurgaon, you may plan for a short trip to Dehradun either book taxi online or you can car hire for outstation to reach the city. Online cab booking is not a tough job in this internet age. The cab rental booking services you can find anywhere in the city of Gurgaon. While you are going to book a one-way cab for the trip you may be aware of the route from Gurgaon to Dehradun. It is a single route journey from Gurgaon, via Saharanpur Rd will take 3 hours 50 minutes and you have to cover almost 275 kilometers one-way taxi service.

What is the best time to visit?

The gripping Dehradun can be the center of attraction to travellers throughout the year. December-February: This season you’ll find the temperature is varying between 22°C and the lowest of about 3°C. But the winter is almost charming here. In the summer season, the travelers are coming from the decades after. It is the best time for the travelers who want to escape from the scorching summer on the other parts of the globe. In this summer the temperature is ranging between 35°C and a minimum of 17°C. In Autumn (October-November) also tourists are coming to relish the charm of the city as the entire beauty of the region is transforming from the burnt red to lovely gold in this season.

Alternate routes to Dehradun from Gurgaon

You may opt for the City bus service from Gurgaon which will take almost 6 hours to reach Dehradun. There is an additional road via Chutmalpur, which can take more than an hour extra.

What is the road condition like between Gurgaon to Dehradun?

The road condition is very good up to Mujaffar Nagar after that you have to run above 60 kilometer which is a four-lane road and driving through will be a great experience you for a lifetime.