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via Indore - Bhopal Rd

via Indore - Bhopal Rd

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Indore – Mini Bombay

Indore makes up a fulfilling vacation for those looking to get a taste of Indian culture in a fast-paced city. Book an Indore to Bhopal cab to tour the length of Madhya Pradesh, a North Indian state. As a tourist, you can learn about the history of the town at its museums and grand palaces scattered throughout the city. Do not forget to shop at the local markets for clothes, sweets, snacks and multiple locally designed home décor items. Worship at the city’s most exquisite temples or go to prominent holy sites. There are also national parks and sightseeing spots where you can both relax and observe the city’s natural beauty. Take an Indore to Bhopal cab or explore the local tourist highlights using an outstation cab. One way cabs books with Meru’s outstation taxi booking service come with GPS enabled hatchbacks and SUV’s. Travel from Indore to Bhopal by car and enjoy affordable Indore to Bhopal cab fare.

Bhopal – City of Lakes

Bhopal is a perfect vacation spot for you if you are looking for a holiday beside lakes, natural parks and scenic destinations. You can frequent the local wildlife sanctuary to have your dose of exotic animals, or head to the grand museum in Indore to learn about Bhopal’s rich history of Kings, freedom fighters and revolutionaries. Some stunning natural wonders, exquisite palaces and vibrant shopping streets are located throughout the city for your perusal. Book an Indore to Bhopal taxi to properly travel through the city. Indore to Bhopal cabs when booked using Meru’s outstation taxi booking service come with easy pickups and polite drivers. With an outstation cab, one-way travel to Bhopal becomes convenient and fun, especially when coupled with no surge pricing offered by Meru on Indore to Bhopal taxi rate.


Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka – Pre-Historic Getaway

The rock shelters located at Bhimbetka, Bhopal are a pre-historic natural marvel. This rocky formation has one of the oldest cave paintings known to humans. The paintings at this World Heritage archaeological sites are made using colors extracted from vegetables. If you love pre-historic tales, you must not skip having a look at this spellbinding place. Do a car hire in Indore to reach Bhopal and spend a day exploring this wondrous site.

Upper Lake – Bhopal’s Trademark Beauty

Also known as Bhojtal, the Upper Lake is an essential source of irrigation for Bhopal’s farmers and a popular tourist site. This lake is human-made and was constructed by Raja Bhoj. Folklores dictate that it was made to cure the king of his skin diseases. Here, you can enjoy several activities like parasailing, kayaking and rafting. Travel from Indore to Bhopal by car to make it to this lake.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Indore to Bhopal?

Bhopal is well connected with Indore city through Red Bus services, Train services and also with Indore to Bhopal cab service. While many of the travelers are visiting Bhopal they are generally taking the Train ride or the Bus ride due to low cost or fare. But, now-a-days there is Indore to Bhopal taxi service available at a cheap price. If you want to reach Bhopal from Indore then you have to take the fastest Indore to Bhopal Cab route which is almost 190 kilometers via Indore-Dewas-Bhopal State Highway. It may take almost 3 hours and 22 minutes with Indore to Bhopal by car.

What is the best time to visit?

The city, Bhopal is situated in a subtropical climate region and with a humid in nature. So, the temperature of this place should be quite hot than the other parts. But due to the forests and water lakes the region can be visited throughout the year. You can catch an Indore to Bhopal car rental service, from Indore and travel with leisure year around.

Alternate routes to Bhopal from Indore

There is another route from Indore to Bhopal which may take a bit long time than the other fastest route described earlier. This way you have to cover up the destinations like Bhopal to Shajapur to Indore. This route will take at least 6 hours and 29 minutes via Taxi for Indore to Bhopal. Keeping the Indore to Bhopal Taxi fare, you better avoid it.

What is the road condition like between Indore to Bhopal?

While planning to trip to Bhopal, from Indore city, you must be aware of Indore to Bhopal cab fare. The perfect information may help you to plan accordingly. According to the recent development of National highway Authority, the state Highway from Indore to Bhopal is almost smooth to drive with. You can easily drive 3-4 hours at a length. Here is the Indore to Bhopal Taxi rate for your convenience.