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Jaipur – The Pink City Of India

Jaipur is the largest city of Rajasthan, boasting an immensely rich cultural and historical heritage. If you’re in Jaipur, you can book a Jaipur to Udaipur Meru cab to explore all the repertoire offbeat places and experiences that Rajasthan has to offer. This royal city was once the home of the most extravagant rulers whose art and architecture like the Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, and Amer Fort still stand tall as some of the greatest wonders of the country. It evokes the royal family that once ruled the region and that, in 1727, founded what is now called the Old City, or “Pink City” for its trademark building color. At the center of its stately street grid (notable in India) stands the opulent, colonnaded City Palace complex. With gardens, courtyards and museums, part of it is still a royal residence. Rent a Meru cab in Jaipur with a driver to explore the city with ease. Jaipur is not just home to historical masterpieces but also a metropolis brimming with modern lifestyle. It has the second-largest mall in the country – the World Trade Park and Masala Chowk, which is a paradise for Rajasthani cuisines. Meru car rentals can be a great way of experiencing the offbeat locations of Jaipur. Travelers can access Meru’s ready to board cab service in Jaipur through its online cab booking site.

Udaipur – The City Of Lakes

Udaipur has a location that leaves the beholder in awe. Founded by Maharana Udai Singh II in 1559, it’s set around a series of artificial lakes and is known for its lavish royal residences. Udaipur presents a historical spectacle which is sure to spellbind every visitor with its unequivocal architectural beauty and hypnotic cultural vibrancy. Located in the state of Rajasthan, on the southern side of the majestic Aravalli hills, this city attracts travellers from all over the world.Whether you are seeking a holiday with nature and scenic beauty or amidst the grandeur of ancient structures, whether you are looking for a break from monotony by indulging in some cultural colourfulness and pampering of palate with mouth-watering cuisines, Udaipur is the answer to all your holiday dreams.City Palace, overlooking Lake Pichola, is a monumental complex of 11 palaces, courtyards and gardens, famed for its intricate peacock mosaics. Travel across the Jaipur to Udaipur distance by Meru cab to experience a blend of historical marvels, colorful markets, and natural beauty. It is rightfully called the ‘city of lakes’ as it is home to more than seven interconnected artificial lakes. Each one has major tourist activity due to its many heritage hotels, museums, Havelis and markets alongside Rajasthani art specialties. Visitors can avail of Meru’s taxi service in Udaipur for easy transportation within and beyond the city.

Places to see on route

City Palace

Take a journey from Jaipur to Udaipur by car to explore this 400-year-old palace complex that sits by the Pichola lake. The architecture of City Palace is one of a kind with 11 other palaces within its structure. Its inside is a work of art with mirror works, hanging gardens, wall paintings, silver decorations and courtyards. The City Palace in Udaipur was built in a flamboyant style and is considered the largest of its type in the state of Rajasthan. It was built atop a hill, in a fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal architectural styles, providing a panoramic view of the city and its surroundings. The infamous Sheesh Nahal lies within the City Palace. Book a Meru cab to reach this absolutely wonderful creation and enjoy its beauty.

Bagore Ki Haweli

Get a taste of Mewari culture in Bagore ki Haveli by strolling through its museum collection of Rajasthani mural paintings, Rajputani costumes, Sheeshas, hand fans, jewellery, and spellbinding glasswork. The Haweli also hosts many entertainment activities like puppet shows, folk dance, dramas, and musicals. Any art lover would love to explore the Bagore ki Haveli for its splendid architecture and skillful craftsmanship. Reflecting the Mewar’s aristocratic culture, Bagore ki Haveli is a marvellous assortment of huge courtyards, balconies, jharokhas, decorative archways, cupolas and a fountain. With services of outstation cabs from Meru, you can ride easily from Jaipur to Udaipur by car to visit Bagore Ki Haweli.

Places to see in Udaipur(Jaipur-Udaipur)

Saheliyon Ki Bari

Maharana Sangram Singh built a beautiful garden with elephant fountains, lotus pools, and lush blossoming lawns for his Queen and her 48 maids by Fateh Sagar Lake. Even today, it is a popular leisure destination for people looking for an escape from the chaos. There is also a museum that has ancient royal household items, animals and pictures.The garden has four pools ornated with delicately chiselled kiosks, elephants in marble (each elephant sculptured out of a single piece of stone) and lions carved out of marble serving the purpose of the fountain which creates the royal picture of the bygone era. You can reach Saheliyon Ki Bari with a Jaipur to Udaipur Meru cab at low and affordable taxi fares.


Book Meru taxi service in Udaipur from Meru’s online cab booking website and app and take a trip to Shilpgram, a hub for Rajasthan’s cultural and local exposure.Shilpgram is a rural crafts village located 3 KM west of Fateh Sagar. It was inaugurated in 1989 by Rajiv Gandhi. The complex stretches across almost 70 acres of land and is surrounded by the Aravalli range. It is a complex that promotes the rural and urban crafts and artists of Rajasthan. Visitors can find small huts with daily use items of local folk, which are detailed and decorated. Every year, it hosts a Shilpgram Festival in December for artists to display their work and workshops for visitors to allows them to try out different craft skills. Book Meru’s Jaipur to Udaipur cabs now to get the best deals and offers on the offers section on our website.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Jaipur To Udaipur?

There are many routes you can take to reach Udaipur from Jaipur. The shortest route will take you through NH48 and NH58. The distance is 393 Km and takes about 7 hours to reach Udaipur. Reach your destination safely and comfortably with Meru cab services.

What is the best time to visit?

October to February: The winter season is the best time to visit Udaipur as the temperature remains moderate and the weather is moderate allowing you to visit all the places of interest in and around Udaipur. March to June: The summers are extremely hot with temperatures constantly hitting 44 degrees Celsius making it a strenuous task navigating the city and visiting the monuments and palaces. July-September: The monsoon lasts from July to September and the rains add to the greener of the city and further enhance its natural beauty. As Rajasthan is extremely hot in summers so it is advised to book a Meru cab in Udaipur to travel across destinations.

Alternate routes to Udaipur from Jaipur

The alternate route to Udaipur from Jaipur is via the NH48, NH 758 and NH58 and is 396 Km in length. One can also take the NH48, NH156 and NH58 route. This particular route is 405 km in length and takes 7.30 hours to complete. Meru’s proffesional drivers will take you from the best and shortest route available. Just sit back and relax and enjoy your trip.

What is the road condition like between Jaipur To Udaipur?

The roads are in great condition and you get a glimpse of the Rajputana and the tourists can witness the beauty of the state of Rajasthan and also stop for refreshments along the way. Meru cabs is the most convinient way to travel across locations with safe and affordable rides.