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via NH66
via NH66
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Kanyakumari (Kanyakumari Trivandrum)
Kanyakumari (Kanyakumari Trivandrum)
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Trivandrum (Kanyakumari Trivandrum)
Trivandrum (Kanyakumari Trivandrum)
100 km

About Kanyakumari

Kanyakumari is a beautiful city in Tamilnadu. The city is best known to be the southernmost tip of India. Kanyakumari is a hot tourist destination and apart from being a pilgrimage site people also come here to explore the beautiful coastal town and indulge in some amazing Tamil Nadu cuisines. If you are planning a trip to Kanyakumari then you should make a Kanyakumari tourist places list. Some of the things that you should definitely check out during your visit here are the beaches. The Kanyakumari beach marks the end of India. Our lady of ransom Church is a gothic styled Church. It was built many years ago and is a popular destination for Catholic people to come and pray. There is a Mayapuri Wax Museum in Kanyakumari which is also worth visiting. The Vattakottai fort which was constructed in the 18th century is definitely worth checking out. Kanyakumari is a beautiful place and there are many things that you can do here but traveling in Kanyakumari could get challenging. This is why it is highly recommended that you rent Kanyakumari cabs along with a Kanyakumari tourist guide when you are here. You can also take Kanyakumari to Trivandrum outstation cabs. This is about 3 hours from Kanyakumari. Traveling through the south of India is always a lot of fun mainly because of the beautiful views that surround you. One of the best ways to enjoy the spectacular views is to take a road trip. Each year many people plan a vacation to Kanyakumari. If you are one of those people then it is highly recommended that you take a road trip to Trivandrum and explore Kerala like never before.

About Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and is very different from any other cities in this state. Book Kanyakumari To Trivandrum taxi at affordable rates in Meru, cab services is always on time with no hidden charges in taxi fare. Hire Kanyakumari To Trivandrum cab booking services at Meru with affordable rates. Trivandrum has some beautiful architecture that represents the British era and it is best known for the beautiful exquisite curved houses that relate to the Travancore royal family. Most of the constructions here were made during the 18th and 20th centuries and it has a lot of cultural and historical representation. If you are looking for a modern city with a touch of history behind it, then Trivandrum is the place for you to come to. When you are in Trivandrum you should also try to check out some of the amazing food items that you can eat here. Since Trivandrum is a coastal City a visit to the Shankumugham beach is something that you should have on your list. The Kuthira Malika museum and Palace can help you understand more about the history and culture of this place. If you want to check out some exotic as well as domestic animals then the Thiruvananthapuram zoo can be a great place to spend some time. If you are looking for a modern beach then Kovalam beach is a great place to hang out where you can also find some great eatery joints. Contacting cab booking services at Meru and traveling in Trivandrum is one of the best ways to get around town. While there are various ways for you to travel to Trivandrum from Kanyakumari, this road trip is something that you are sure to enjoy. So rent a Kanyakumari to Trivandrum one way cab today and spend quality time with your loved ones.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Kanyakumari to Trivandrum?

The road from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum is very straighforward. First you need to take the State Highway 179 till you reach Kappukad Irenipuram road. From there you need to take the MDR 216 till you reach National Highway 66. You then need to continue on National Highway 66 till you reach your destination.

What is the best time to visit?

Trivandrum is a coastal city and although summer temperatures do not go beyond 35 degree Celsius the humidity level in the air makes it very uncomfortable for you to travel. It could come in the way of your travel plans. Unless you plan on renting an air conditioned cap it will be very difficult for you to get from one place to another during the summers. Trivandrum receives the highest rainfall and the humidity makes it even more difficult for you to get around town. There also some torrential rain bursts that Trivandrum is famous for. So you might want to stay away from the city during the monsoons. Winters in Trivandrum are the best and while the temperature doesn't drop very low, it becomes as cold as 15 degree Celsius making it an ideal place for you to visit during the winter.

Alternate routes to Trivandrum from Kanyakumari

There are three routes to get from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. All three routes have the same travel time. The first route is via State Highway 179 and National Highway 66. The second route is via State Highway 179. The third route is via National Highway 66.

What is the road condition like between Kanyakumari to Trivandrum?

In order for you to get to Trivandrum from Kanyakumari you will have to take the national highway which is well maintained. It is a straight road and there is no twist and turn around it making it a comfortable journey.


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