Kolkata to Bardhaman Cab

110 km

via Badshahi Rd/Grand Trunk Rd
via Badshahi Rd/Grand Trunk Rd
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Kolkata – The Cultural City
Kolkata – The Cultural City
0 km
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Bardhaman – A Pre-Colonial Town
Bardhaman – A Pre-Colonial Town
110 km

Kolkata – The Cultural City

Being a former capital of India, Kolkata, earlier known as Calcutta, is a host of endless pleasures that comprise cultural festivals, education, art, literature, and intriguing history. In the beautiful city of West Bengal, planning a trip via Meru’s Kolkata to Bardhaman cab is simply suave. Settled on the east banks of river Ganga, Kolkata converts into a stellar abode of colors, brightness and unmeasured happiness during Durga puja in September-October. While you hurriedly tick off many places to visit in Kolkata, do not skip to relish the mouthwatering dessert of Sandesh. The most popular Bengali dessert, Sandesh is cooked by blending cottage cheese, sugar, and condiments. The cheaper car rental rates in Kolkata helps a budgeted backpacker to effortlessly move around the city. Owing to the fabulous route it unleashes, reaching from Kolkata to Bardhaman by car will alleviate your mood while stimulating your mind.

Bardhaman – A Pre-Colonial Town

There is a varied range of SUVs by Meru’s Kolkata to Bardhaman cabs services. Therefore, you can hire in Kolkata at any hour of the day to reach Bardhaman. Bardhaman is an enchanting town to the north of Kolkata. Traveling in Kolkata to Bardhaman taxi is affordable and a simplistic journey that crosses culturally interesting locals. Bardhaman displays an ethnic mixture of the township and advanced approach to living. While you move around, you will enter the Curzon gate that was built in 1904 as commemoration toward the visit of Lord Curzon to this Bengali town. Post-independence, this intricately carved gate was termed as Bijoy Toran. Rent a cab with Meru’s Kolkata to Bardhaman taxi service and devotedly worship at Hindu temples depicting fine architecture. These temples cover Sarbamangal temple, Bardamaneshwar shiva temple, Kamalkanta Kalibari temple amongst a few.

Places to see in Bardhaman – A Pre-Colonial Town

Meghnad Saha Planetarium – Learn The Stellarium

Constructed by the support of Japanese authority, Meghnad Saha Planetarium is located within the campus of the University of Burdwan. Book an airport cab and drive in Kolkata to Bardhaman cab by Meru to learn about our Milky way at this fabulous touristy point.

Kalyaneshwari Temple – Goddes Of Compassion

Located on the banks of the Barakar river, the Kalyaneshwari temple is a 500-year-old temple in Bardhaman. You can either rent one-way taxi or return Kolkata to Bardhaman taxi with Meru to promptly receive blessing from Kalyaneshwai goddess at this divine temple. It is believed that the goddess is well-revered to accept the wishes of unconceivable women.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Kolkata to Bardhaman?

If you're travelling with your family, hiring outstation cabs is a best idea. Kolkata to Bardhaman is about 105 kms via NH 19. This is the fastest route despite usual traffic and the distance should be covered in 2 hours. This road promises a beautiful scenic view along the way.

What is the best time to visit?

Even though it can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit Bardhaman is from August until the end of March, as during this period, the climatic conditions are favourable. As Bardhaman is a grassland scattered with shrubs and isolated trees, the summers are not very hot here. Bardhaman is a town which can visited year round. However, The best season for a visit from Kolkata to Bardhaman is undoubtedly the winter season(October to February). The temperature is comfortable for sight seeing the monuments and other places of interest in Bardhaman. Bardhaman experiences heavy rains between the months of July to mid September. Summers in Bardhaman(March to June) are not very popular among tourists.

Alternate routes to Bardhaman from Kolkata

There are a number of bus services available from Kolkata to Bardhaman. The nearest railway station is the Bardhaman junctions, which is about 1km from the Kolkata International airport.

What is the road condition like between Kolkata to Bardhaman?

The roads are excellent. With online cab booking in Kolkata all you have to do is sit back and enjoy till you reach your destination.


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