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via Kanpur - Lucknow Rd

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Lucknow – City Of Nawabs

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, and one of India’s most beautiful cities, Lucknow is a cultural haven. Book a Lucknow to Kanpur Meru cab to travel the breadth of Uttar Pradesh. There are plenty of activities you can carry out in Lucknow to enjoy yourself. Visit the Bara Imambara and dive into the history of Lucknow’s royal life. Visit the Hazratganj market to shop for items like leather bags and local chikan fabrics, the Prince of Wales Zoological Park to see animals, Chowk Market to get to the center of Lucknow’s rich cultural heritage and Chota Imambara to witness beautifully carved walls and domes trademark of Mughal architecture, all at the convenience of a Meru cab. The Rumi Darwaza will treat you to glimpses of Awadhi architectural style while Dr. Ambedkar Park will be a calm relaxing spot. A Lucknow to Kanpur Meru cab is the best way to explore these two busiest tourist destinations in India. Book outstation cabs with Meru to get exciting deals on Lucknow to Kanpur cabs. Take a short gap from your busy schedule and visit this royal city, also known as the city of Nawabs.

Kanpur – A Sweet Escapade

Kanpur is one of the most favored tourist destinations in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur, historically called Cawnpore, is a metropolis in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The greater metropolis is divided into two districts: the urban district of Kanpur Nagar and the rural district of Kanpur Dehat. The city is famous for its leather and textile industries. Take a Lucknow to Kanpur Meru cab to reach this beautiful city. While here, you can go on a thrilling experience of the Blue World Theme Park. Considered to be one of India’s largest theme parks, the Blue world has different rides and zones where you can let loose. Visit the Nana Rao Park to witness several statues of prominent Indian leaders. You can also go to the Mahatma Gandhi Park if you are looking for a calm escape. Visit the JK temple to witness architectural aesthetics at their best. Located a little distance from the Kanpur city center is the Allen Forest Zoo – a world-class zoological park that hosts different species of animals like black bears, grizzly bears, and sloths. Book a Lucknow to Kanpur cab with Meru to have a comfortable journey to Kanpur. Online cab booking with Meru offers several options like hatchbacks and SUVs, along with GPS tracking for outstation cabs.

Places to see on route

Dilkusha Garden – Garden With A History

Dilkusha Garden is a well-maintained garden surrounding a historical monument. The fort in the garden suffered the burn of the first war of independence and remains in ruins. Its walls, however, still reflect the Baroque architectural style used to edify it back in the 1800s. You can take a calming stroll here or relax amidst lush green surroundings while learning about the revolution of 1857. Reach here easily by booking a Meru cab online and enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Lalkurti Gardens – Escape The Mayhem

This is another beautiful garden where you can relax or picnic with friends or family. You can opt for Meru online cab booking to avail Lucknow to Kanpur cabs here. Visit this man-made beauty by hiring a Meru cab in Lucknow.

Places to see in Kanpur (Lucknow-Kanpur)

ISKCON Kanpur – Lord Krishna’s Abode

ISKCON temple is a large and stunningly designed temple devoted to Lord Krishna, where you will also find a nice place to meditate in. Travel from Lucknow to Kanpur by a Meru cab to reach this place. Feel the divinity and calm in this temple as it has to offer a lot to its true devotees.

Green Park

The Green Park stadium is certainly one of the most famous stadiums in the world. Visit the stadium to learn about its history or witness a thrilling game of cricket. A well maintained and decorated stadium which organizes lots of events, local as well as international. Reach here quickly and comfortably by booking a Meru cab in Kanpur.

Blue World Theme Park – Adventure Nation

The Blue World Theme Park will excite you with an array of adventurous rides and themed fun-filled zones. Do not forget to enjoy exquisite water slides and European, Indian, Fairyland and Chinese themed zones. After a day filled with thrill, you can enjoy various authentic cuisines in restaurants situated in each of these zones. You must certainly try the lip-smacking desserts of Blue World’s confectionaries. The light show and musical fountains are also the center of attraction for tourists. Book a Meru cab today and spend some fun time with your family or friends in this amusement park.

Moti Jheel – Lake Of Pearls

Moti Jheel is both a reservoir and a famous sightseeing spot. You can visit this place to take a morning jog or participate in fun children’s activities. This reservoir was constructed in the city during British rule, and now hosts a green park around it that makes for a cherished recreational spot in the city. Make an online cab booking with Meru to travel from Lucknow to Kanpur by car and spend time learning about this city’s rich heritage and natural wonders.Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of urbanscapes, this quiet spot in nature is chosen for picnics and family get-togethers on weekends and holidays.

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Lucknow to Kanpur?

The road route from Lucknow to Kanpur takes around 3 hours to cover, which sums up to around 135 kilometres. You can easily hire a Meru cab from Lucknow for a hassle free and smooth road trip. You must compare a few Lucknow to Kanpur taxi fare before finalizing your cab. The roadmap from Lucknow to Kanpur might look as follows: Lucknow < Barabanki < Bhelsar < Sohawal < Faizabad < Ayodhya This road route is pretty active and really easy to follow too. There would be no complications for you while traveling through this route on a cab. We deliver the best cab services to our customers as customer service is our priority.

What is the best time to visit?

The best place to visit Kanpur remains October to March due to the warm and humid climatic conditions during the rest of the months unless you wish to visit the famous theme park to make your summers special. From a spine-chilling cold weather to bright summers, Kanpur is a must to visit place if you travel to visit U.P.

What is the road condition like between Lucknow to Kanpur?

The road condition from Lucknow to Kanpur is newly constructed and is pretty smooth. You can even take a halt on the roadside dhabas to fetch a cup of tea along with some special local delicacies to relish your visit to Uttar Pradesh. You must visit this beautiful city to explore its hidden history as well as the modern marvels this place has to offer for every age group. Kanpur is absolutely one of the gem cities in U.P.