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Pune – Peshwas Pride

Sprawling localities converting into upscale societies, Pune is one of the rapidly developing cities of India. A pleasurable and delightful route, Pune to Kolhapur cab by Meru are not only spacious but also well-upholstered for comfortable and long-hour seating. Erstwhile capital of Maratha kingdom under the reign of Shivaji and Peshwas, Pune houses the magnificent Shaniwarwada to explore. Constructed in the 18th century, the fortification served as a residence to Bajirao Peshwa I. During your stay in Pune, do check out the laser show in the same fort that reels an inspiring narrative of Indian heritage. Also known as the “Queen of Deccan”, this hilly city has a royal history of being home to the Rahstrakuta Dynasty taken over and ruled by the mighty Chhatrapati Shivaji. Besides the boom in Industrial and IT zones within the city, the last few decades have seen a rapid growth in the sector of tourism in Pune. The large student population in the city makes for a lively nightlife and vibrant atmosphere. Pune also houses fantastic restaurants, good museums and is well known for its surrounding hill forts which offer panoramic bird’s-eye views.There are some beautiful and historically rich places that you can check out when you’re in Pune. Besides, after having roamed an entire day in Pune, vanquish your hunger hogging over delicious Maharashtrian cuisine. Book one of our Pune to Kolhapur Meru cabs and drive down an enigmatic road unveiling mixture of traditions and modernity. Our cab service from Pune to Kolhapur brings to you a range of varied destinations to experience and learn.

Kolhapur – Conventional & Cosy

Situated nearby the border of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Kolhapur is paraphernalia of popular commodities, either to eat or to wear. Hop in Meru’s Pune to Kolhapur taxi and drive all the way to relish the Kolhapuri cuisine including delicious mutton and mouthwatering chicken. Kolhapur is a city on the banks of the Panchaganga River, in the west Indian state of Maharashtra. It’s known for its temples, like the ancient Mahalakshmi Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Bhavani Mandap is an imposing old palace with a small museum displaying stuffed wild animals. Close by, Rankala Lake is surrounded by gardens. The hilltop Jyotiba Temple complex is on the city’s outskirts. Been in trend for a long time, Kolhapuri chappal with ethnic attire is an eternal vogue. Available for both genders, the chappals are hand-crafted in leather and tanned by exclusively-prepared vegetable dyes. Also, Panhala fort being a spot for adventure junkies, trek in this natural terrain while re-learning the history of Marathas. The distance between Pune to Kolhapur is 234 km. Pune to Kolhapur cab booking with Meru Outstation cab services being effortless, the cab rental will make a speedy drive. Without wasting your moments, its time to travel Pune to Kolhapur by road to unfold the pages of impressive history.

Places to see on route

Mahalaxmi temple – Holy Abode

Counted amongst the most visited temples in India, Mahalakshmi Temple of Kolhapur honors Durga, the goddess of health and prosperity. According to the mythological facts, it is believed that Sati’s eyes fell at the same place where the temple currently stands. And that’s the reason why it is revered as Shaktipeetha. The main sanctum of the temple features the beautiful idol of Durga adorned with precious stones and jewelry. Being a Hindu temple of Maharashtra, Mahalaxmi temple compound lets a traveler bask in the inner peace. Tucked on the banks of the Panchganga River, enlist this divine temple into your itinerary while you do Pune to Kolhapur Meru cab booking. Although unnecessary to mention, this listing will not affect the total Pune to Kolhapur Meru cab fare.Thus, with the quick cab rental, arrival to Kolhapur becomes conveniently rapid.

Panhala fort – Peace & Serenity

Located in the proximity of Kolhapur city the Panhala Fort is strategically built and is the largest Fort in the Deccan region. It connects Maharashtra to the Arabian Sea through Bijapur and those who love exploring history and geographies will get amazed by it. The Fort showcases variants of motifs, bastions, and various other relics of different dynasties and the Indo-Islamic architecture is an add on.Spread on a vast area of natural terrain, and built in the 12th century, Panhala fort is a coveted tourist destination throughout the year. Enclosing parks and gardens, spend your half a day, and accordingly book Meru’s cab service from Pune to Kolhapur. The cab charges from Pune to Kolhapur are inclusive of the refreshing halts with undoubtedly a smoother ride.

Places to see in Kolhapur (Pune-Kolhapur)

Maharaja’s palace – Unmeasured Royalty

The Maharaja’s palace is also known as the New Palace, which has been built in 1888 on the designs of Mant. The Palace is a mix of Rajasthani , Gujarati and Jain style of Architecture. The Palace has been converted into a tourist spot with beautifully landscaped gardens, a lake , a zoo and a museum inside its premises. The black polished stone gives the architecture a beautiful and distinct look. Maharajs’s palace is an epitome of interesting architectural fusion. Allowing tourists to navigate unhesitantly, the Pune to Kolhapur taxi fare is, therefore, modestly rated. Accommodating your unlimited baggage, Meru’s outstation taxi is a perfect choice to hop on to endless destinations in Kolhapur.

Rankala lake – Beyond Horizon

Another one in the array of tourist Places in Kolhapur is Rankala Lake that is a popular attraction of the region. The lake was built by “Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj’ – King of Kolhapur and is a combination of Rajghat and Maraghat.The lake has an age-old history from old times and the locals believe that it is not a natural lake but was built by the Maharaj. Rankabhairav temple located at the centre of this lake, Rankala lake was constructed by past Chhatrapatis (Kings) of Kolhapur. Either travel Pune to Kolhapur by car or chose one of the best Meru’s Pune to Kolhapur cabs, you will not regret the warm service by us. Come take an enriching ride!

How the roadmap by cab would look like between Pune to Kolhapur?

The distance between Pune to Kolhapur is not that much. You can complete the journey in a little over four hours if you take the Asian Highway 47 and National Highway 48 route. To take this route, you first need to reach the National Highway 48 via Sinhgad road. Then you need to follow the National Highway 48 and Asian Highway 47 via outstation cabs till you reach Shahupuri. You will have reached your destination in no time. Meru cabs offer a safe and comfortable journey.

What is the best time to visit?

The summer months between March and June should be avoided as Kolhapur gets really hot during this time. You should ideally visit Kolhapur between November and February as these are the winter months and the temperature is perfect for visiting. Always carry cool clothes on the journey so you don’t feel hot while checking out the places here.

Alternate routes to Kolhapur from Pune

There are two major routes between Pune and Kolhapur. The fastest is via Asian Highway 47 and National Highway 48. The other route is via National Highway 48 only and this will take you six hours to complete.

What is the road condition like between Pune to Kolhapur?

The road between Pune to Kolhapur is a national highway and it is a well-maintained road. You won’t need to worry about any bumps along the journey and you will be comfortable during the travel. The roads are on very good condition and its always best to take a road trip to kolhapur from pune.