Now you choose,
how you ride!.

For the first time in on-demand ride hailing industry, we bring you an innovative concept – Cab Marketplace that allows our driver-partners to set the fare (Rate per Km) within a price range. On your Meru app, now you can see the total fare offered by all nearby cabs. Healthy competition between our drivers-partners ensures that you get the best deal, always.

You can choose your ride not just based on the fare amount, but also the Expected Time of Arrival (ETA), the car model and the rating of each cab. This patent pending feature gives you the power of choice to select the most suitable ride from the lowest cost, lowest ETA or highest rating. You also know your car model and driver rating before going ahead with the booking and not after the confirmation.

Because we believe, the choice is always yours!
So go ahead, go Meru!

Choose your own ride as per your travel need.
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In which city the Cab Marketplace feature is available?
Why do I see different rates for the same type of cabs?
Will the Cab Marketplace feature available for outstation or retention trips as well?
Which type of cabs (Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, Radio Taxi) are available under Cab Marketplace feature?
Can I pay the fare using wallet?
Can I avail this benefit for airport pick up as well?